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We are experts at telling your story to the right audience at the right time through the following programs:

   - Communication Strategy
   - Public Relations
   - Media Relations
   - Investor Relations
   - Community Relations & Grassroots Campaigns
   - Special Events
   - Trade Shows
   - Additional Services


Communications Strategy

Goal: Create a powerful company story that includes strategic positioning and messaging aimed at getting you to “yes” with all your audiences.

To accomplish this, Promote Success pro-vides the following services:

  • Develop short-form and long-form of corporate story
  • Rehearse and review presentations (videotaping recommended)
  • Refine and practice “elevator speech”
  • Develop and rehearse Tough Questions Q & A
  • Media training with a focus on “bridging” techniques

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Public Relations

Goal: Design and execute an on-going, responsive program to develop and maintain relationships among media and analysts, in addition to creating exposure that establishes our client’s visibility, credibility and image with target customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Promote Success’ PR services include:

  • Company and product launches
  • Position executives as industry authorities and credible experts
  • Generate national, regional and local interest in our clients’ services, products and people

The aim of our programs is to promote clients using a variety of public relations strategies and activities to inform, motivate and persuade target audiences.

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Media Relations

Goal: Create an innovative media relations program that supports and enhances our client’s market positions, portrays company executives and spokespersons as credible and respected authorities, and secures understanding and support from partners, customers, prospects and other key audiences.

It is essential that the agency representing you to the press and public has a thorough understanding of the company, its business plan, and its products or services. We understand business. And we have the experience and relationships with the working press to execute a successful media relations program to:

  • Create and maintain general knowledge and awareness of our clients
  • Position clients as innovative market leaders
  • Inform customers and prospects of current and planned products and services
  • Establish our clients as experts and credible spokespersons among key media
  • Extend relationships with influential reporters, editors, producers, columnists, freelancers and respected authorities, sources and analysts in the client’s industry
  • Develop story ideas and leads, prepare and distribute a regular flow of news releases
  • Produce all media kit components and content
  • Prepare company fact sheets, biographies, backgrounders and support material
  • Research and prepare editorial calendar of opportunities in trade, mass and corporate media outlets
  • Secure and support interviews of key company officials by reporters and editors, including background sessions

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Investor Relations

Goal: Identify, target, establish and nurture on-going relationships with key analysts who specialize in our clients’ industries.

Pre-IPO Services

We offer a full range of investor relations and financial public relations activities for a soon-to-be public company, before, during and after the initial public offering. During this strategic period, management wants to concentrate on raising awareness on Wall Street and to seek fair evaluation of its upcoming issue. After the IPO, our program focuses on improving its daily trade volume, continuing recognition in its markets and identifying and shaping the company’s shareholder mix. Every element is designed to meet Securities and Exchange Commission disclosure regulations, particularly the Fair Disclosure requirements.

Our clients are reminded that continuity in communications activities is critical to establishing a long-term professional IR program that will generate both visibility and credibility for the company in the investment community. Promote Success adheres to all "quiet-period" requirements, should those timeframes emerge.

Public Company Services

Typically, underwriters will handle the due-diligence meetings for our clients before an IPO. However, we recommend regular analyst presentations or investment conference appearances after the IPO.

  • Strategic discussions and counseling
  • Quarterly reports
  • Timely disclosures
  • Security analyst (group) meetings and retail broker presentations
  • Annual shareholder meetings
  • Official listings
  • Shareholder list analysis
  • NAIC regional meetings
  • Quarterly analyst and shareholder teleconferences or major announcements
  • Cybercast programs
  • Ongoing editorial program with financial media
  • Daily online monitoring

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Community Relations & Grassroots Campaigns

Goal: Reach customers and opinion leaders in the communities you serve, to build loyalty to your company, to achieve a local business objective, increase company awareness, or to support a political or regulatory initiative or economic development project. We help create relationships and communicate your message to the people who matter.

We know how to get things done at the city and neighborhood level. Not only have we helped candidates with political campaigns and been trusted advisors on public affairs matters, but one of our team members served two terms on the Dallas City Council. This kind of experience means our clients have better understanding of how governments work and access to the people who make things happen in their market.

We help developers gain neighborhood support for new real estate projects or other companies resolve contentious public issues. We help corporations give back to their communities through foundations and other charitable programs. We help our clients create meaningful relationships with community and cultural organizations, schools, senior homes and clubs.

In short, we help our clients navigate tricky local waters to maximize their impact on the neighborhoods – and neighbors – they serve.

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Special Events

Goal: Develop and manage special events that reinforce the client’s brand image, build stronger relationships and increase company awareness. Our objective is to orchestrate special events that are memorable, meet client expectations and deliver results within budget.

Promote Success’ special event process includes these steps:

We are paid to be proactive, to document all discussions, allocate responsibilities, follow up on action dates, and see that things get done right and right on time. We drive the complete planning process to ensure quality, professionalism and financial management.

We produce attractive promotional materials and promote events to help attract the desired attendees.

We provide onsite management to ensure a seamless transition from plan to implementation, making sure that the attendees are well taken care of and the client can enjoy the event.

Financial Control
We produce budgets and ongoing financial reports to ensure the responsible event financing. And finally, we bring all finances and administration together quickly and accurately.

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Trade Shows

Goal: Provide a turnkey solution for trade show development and management, eliminating the hassle of clients having to deal with numerous suppliers. Promote Success acts as the conductor, bringing order to the variety of services and suppliers, and being the conduit between the client and subcontractors.

Promote Success can:

  • Recommend portable or permanent booth options
  • Manage arrangements with exhibition vendors to ensure smooth operations
  • Arrange hotel and transportation accommodations
  • Manage exhibit shipping, setup and teardown
  • Create brand image by designing and producing booth graphics consistent with collateral
  • Source promotional items that reinforce image and brand
  • Provide onsite management
  • Create and manage booth schedule to ensure that everything runs smoothly
  • Plan and conduct onsite media relations
  • Staff the booth to facilitate media and customer interviews

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Additional Services

Promote Success offers a variety of other services for our clients through our team and an extensive network of strategic partners:

  • Press and analyst tours
  • Social network development
  • Video production
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Lead generation programs
  • Presentations
  • Training material
  • White papers
  • Contributed articles
  • Meeting planning
  • Annual reports
  • Newsletters
  • Book development, production & publicity
  • Market research

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