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Creative thinking and design help build strong brands that last. Let our team of marketing experts show off your company to its best advantage. 

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Social Networks

Goal: Build a community of like-minded individuals around your vision

All the buzz around “Web 2.0” and social networks has a lot of corporations excited…and confused. We’ve helped build, launch and promote social networks and can bring to the table fresh intelligence from the virtual front.

We can help you decide if it makes more sense to build your own social network or piggyback on someone else’s. We can bring in specialists in social network design and development who have done it over and over again so your social network can be up quickly and will be scalable to millions of members if desired.

Most importantly, we will help make sure that your vision – and the conversation you want to have with your community – becomes a reality.

Here are our services related to social networks:

  • Fill out concept with your team
  • Determine functional requirements
  • Work with web team to develop all site content – from acknowledgement emails to FAQs to flash presentations
  • Pre-seed site
  • Develop and execute site promotion strategy including online advertising, PR, buzz agents, bloggers and more

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Web Content

Goal: To take your website beyond a digital brochure to an interactive and engaging conversation with your customers, partners, shareholders and employees.

More and more, your Web presence is the first impression potential customers have of your company. Whether your existing site needs refinement, or you are in need of a new website, Promote Success can help create a site that fits your company’s strategy and deliver the results you need to fly higher.

We begin our development process by first understanding how your website fits into your business and marketing objectives. We also take a close look at your customers to ensure that their experience is positive, providing them the incentives to return to your site.

We can provide turnkey services or leverage your in-house Web support team to implement our designs and strategies and to keep the website fresh and updated.

To accomplish this, Promote Success provides the following website services in-house and with our strategic partners:

  • Web Design
  • Copywriting
  • Flash
  • Video
  • Photography
  • Intranets
  • Extranets
  • Social Network Development
  • Online Press Rooms
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Usability Testing
  • Online Customer Research
  • e-Commerce

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Online Marketing Campaigns

Goal: Generate Internet buzz about your company and products that turn into sales.

There’s almost as many options for online marketing as there are people on the Internet today. We help you choose campaigns that make sense for your products and services. Elements of these campaigns might include:

  • Garnering support from key industry analyst firms
  • Working with top social network bloggers and influencers
  • Viral campaigns using videos, games, and more
  • Contests and incentives
  • Podcasts, teleseminars, Vlogs and other intellectual property distribution tools
  • Email campaigns
  • Newsletters
  • Buzz agents and paid bloggers
  • Search engine and other online advertising
  • Posted articles and press releases
  • Online press rooms and sales kits
  • Search engine optimization

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Search Engine Optimization

Goal: Move your company to the top of search engine results.

We believe that all the press materials and attention we create or generate for you should be leveraged throughout the Internet and we have a tool that helps us do that. More importantly, that tool helps raise your company in the search engines – and keep it there.

We work with you to determine what search terms are most meaningful to your business and develop a plan of action to get you high on those lists. Our tool helps automate the task of optimizing your content – from press releases to case studies to executive bios to reports and more – and is so easy to use, your internal team could manage your company’s search engine efforts if desired.

Our search engine optimization services include:

  • Consult on best search terms
  • Development of search engine strategy
  • Integrate meta tags and links into online company materials
  • Optimization
  • Measurement of progress, clicks, etc.
  • Continuous creation of new content (as needed) to keep your company high on the lists
  • Access to our optimization tool

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Collateral Materials

Goal: Create materials that visually represent your strategic messages and corporate identity in a unique and visually exciting way.

To accomplish this, Promote Success and its partners provide the following services:

  • Corporate Identities
  • Brochures
  • Sales/Product Sheets
  • Case Studies
  • Print Ads
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Illustrations
  • Packaging
  • Direct Mail
  • Newsletters
  • Multimedia

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