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case studies.

Minyard Food Stores/Carnival Supermarkets/Sack’n Save stores

Minyard Food Stores, the owner of Sack’n Save and Carnival Supermarkets, was facing significant relationship challenges in the neighborhoods it serves. Under new management after 70+ years as a family owned business, new relationships needed to be developed with the cities, customers, local media and trade publications. On the verge of launching its flagship Carnival store, management hired Promote Success to rally support from shoppers, government and municipal officials and staffers, the press and the grocery industry.

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Prodea Systems

Anousheh Ansari, chairman of Prodea Systems, business woman and self-made millionaire was on the verge of reaching her life-long dream of going into space. Selected at the last minute to fill in for another “space tourist” who fell ill, she had three weeks to get ready for the ride of her life. The decision was made to launch her fledgling technology company Prodea Systems at the same time. Promote Success rose to the occasion and helped her reach out to women and girls (in particular) worldwide and create awareness for her newest venture.

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